Outstanding Die Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, and Lamination Services

Streamline your production with efficient water jet, die cutting, and lamination services by RGS INDUSTRIES in Santa Clara, California. We also provide:

• Bar Coding
• Labeling
• Pad Printing
• Related Packaging Services 

Water Jet and Die Cutting

Get high-quality gaskets, seals, and EMI/RFI shielding materials for your business. We die or water jet cut any material to any size or shape. From simple parts to sheets, rolls, and intricate assemblies, trust that we’ll bring your prototype to life and deliver uniform products that meet your exact specifications. Call us when you need water jet and die cut materials for the following purposes:

• Electrical, Thermal, and Acoustic Insulation
• Sound or Vibration Dampening
• Filters 
• Air Sealing 
• Washing 


Our highly trained staff handles all types of products, including rubber-, acrylic-, and silicon-based adhesives. These can be laminated to various substrates, such as:

• Paper
• Plastic 
• Rubber • Metal


Using state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to meet all your needs in an excellent and timely manner. We have flexible technology that deals with different prototypes for mid-range volume and large production, including:

• Hydraulic Cutting Presses
• Automated Die Cutting Systems
• Water Jet Cutters
• Slitters
• Laminators
• Dimensional Measurement System
• Pad Press Part Marking Equipment
• Custom Labeling and Bar Coding Tools

Quality Control

With the help of Acu-gage, we make sure that every product meets your specifications and quality standards. Our dedicated Quality Control team also inspects every part manufacturing process, which includes:

• Prototype Production (Before and After)
• Key Points In Full-Production Runs 
• Part-Marking Phase • Final Packaging Phase
Contact us today in Santa Clara, California, for our reliable water jet cutting and lamination services.