For punctual die cutting and water jet cutting services, turn to RGS INDUSTRIES in Santa Clara, California. We take each job seriously; whether it's a major project for Fortune 500 customers or a simple contract manufacturing job.

Our History

"Customer First” has always been our philosophy; way back when we started as Rocky's Gasket Shop in 1980, up until our incorporation as RGS INDUSTRIES 10 years later. We have also expanded our equipment facilities to meet our customers’ demands. Over the years, we've provided our services for clients in the following industries:

• Military • Aerospace • Federal Government • Telecommunications • Technology • Medicine

Our Process

RGS INDUSTRIES ensures the smooth production and delivery of materials through a unique, four-phase process. We do spot inspections before, during, and after each step.

Contact us today in Santa Clara, California, for our tried-and-true die cutting and water jet cutting services.